Song title
"I'm Going Home"
Uploaded May 30, 2014
Tohoku Zunko
SVUTAU-P (music, lyrics)
DS-P (illust)
Bandcamp Broadcast

Background Edit

"I'm Going Home" is an original Tohoku Zunko song. In the song, one lover must leave another, and even though it breaks their heart to do it, they know that they have to. Their final plea is that even though they have to disappear, that their ex never forgets them.

This song is featured in SVUTAU-P's EP Voca-Galaxy.

Lyrics Edit

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
送別 (aaa) soubetsu (aaa)
いろいろありがとう iroiro arigatou
私は行かなくちゃ watashi wa ikanakucha
ずっと一緒にいたい zutto isshoni itai
それが私の心を壊す sore ga watashi no kokoro o kowasu
あなたは悲しい見て anata wakanashii mite
だから dakara
キミのことが好きでごめん (haa) KIMI no koto ga sukide gomen (haa)
今私は家に行かなければ ima watashi wa ie ni ikanakereba
私はちょうど望む watashi wa choudo nozomu
あなたは私を忘れないで anata wa watashi o wasurenaide

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