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  • "I'm Okay"
Uploaded July 16, 2016, with 14,700+ YouTube views
  • Aku-P (music, lyrics, tuning, PV)
  • Makkusan (lyrics)
  • Miwaco (illust)


Over my whole life
Darkness took what made me kind
Do, how could I be with someone?

And my deepest dreams
Were about how to be free
And again, and again
Looking now for an escape

As hard as rain i cried
Just hoping for someone
To share my existence
But now, I am "ok"

Over my whole life
I lived alone, I was fine
Suddenly you came to my side

You brought simple emotions
Those that I needed to feel
That maybe, just maybe
Would let me handle all this

As sunny day I smiled
Because now I have someone
To share my existence with,
Now, I'm ok

My problem doesn't matter
After all it's mine
Don't worry about me
Just keep standing by my side

For me, for me

I'm glad that you're trying
to help me but
I am strong enough

stop asking because you know
I'm okay, I'm okay
I don't need help I have you
I'm okay...

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