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  • "I'm Okay"
Uploaded July 16, 2016, with 14,700+ YouTube views
  • Aku-P (music, lyrics, tuning, PV)
  • Makkusan (lyrics)
  • Miwaco (illust)


Over my whole life
Darkness took what made me kind
Do, how could I be with someone?

And my deepest dreams
Were about how to be free
And again, and again
Looking now for an escape

As hard as rain i cried
Just hoping for someone
To share my existence
But now, I am "ok"


Over my whole life
I lived alone, I was fine
Suddenly you came to my side

You brought simple emotions
Those that I needed to feel
That maybe, just maybe
Would let me handle all this

As sunny day I smiled
Because now I have someone
To share my existence with,
Now, I'm ok

- [bridge]

My problem doesn't matter
After all it's mine
Don't worry about me
Just keep standing by my side

For me, for me

I'm glad that you're trying
to help me but
I am strong enough


stop asking because you know
I'm okay, I'm okay
I don't need help I have you
I'm okay...

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