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IA THE WORLD ~鍵~ (~Kagi~ / ~Key~) is the sixth album in TEAM Entertainment's IA only compilation series "IA THE WORLD"' and contains 12 tracks.

A crossfade of the album can be heard on Niconico.

The official album website is available here.

The album can be ordered from Amazon and CDJapan.

IA the world kagi
Released October 2nd, 2013
Producer Various
Price ¥2,100
Illust. ryosios
Label TEAM Entertainment
Track list
1. Password
Camelia feat. IA
2. ウラガエシハート
Uragaeshi Heart
Zips feat. IA
3. 鍵ノ間
Kagi no Aida
Wataame feat. IA
4. 忘却と南京錠
Boukyaku to Nankinjou
otetsu feat. IA
5. 残像が消えてゆく
Zanzou ga Kiete Yuku
SunzriverP feat. IA
6. Motive -key to my heart-
Tiara feat. IA
7. clickER
ImamaP feat. IA
8. Open! 魔法鍵少女☆IA
Open! Mahou Kagi Shoujo☆IA
SunaP feat. IA
9. aporia
sleepless feat. IA
10. レキシカル・クロージャ
Lexical Closure
Heavenz-P feat. IA
11. サクラソウ
Umetora feat. IA
12. ヒトリシズカ
Hitori Shizuku
Devilish-P & EiK feat. IA

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