INSaNiTY -Ep DLX- is an album created by CircusP. It is CircusP's second album. The album focuses on the song "INSaNiTY".

It consists of 5 tracks, the original song, a remastered version, a remix and the instrumentals. This album is available for purchase on Bandcamp and also has an official free download on MediaFire.

INSaNiTY -EP DLX Cover Art
Released 21st Aug 2011
Producer CircusP
Price $3.99 (Downloadable)
Illust. CircusP
Label Individual/Independent
Track list
1. iNSaNiTY
SF-A2 Miki & KAITO
2. iNSaNiTY -Remastered-
SF-A2 Miki & KAITO
3. iNSaNiTY (aSYLuM ReMiX)
SF-A2 Miki & KAITO
4. iNSaNiTY (Instrumental Chorus)
5. iNSaNiTY (Instrumental)
AiSeNMa Cover Art
サーカス・モンスター CiRCuS MoNSTeR Cover Art

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