iVocaloid Merli Launch Contest (iVOCALOIDメルリ 発売記念コンテスト) was a song & art contest hosted by I-style Project on April 4, 2014 to celebrate the launch of Merli's iVocaloid version release.

Contest DetailsEdit

Contestants had until the 20th May, 2014 to submit either an original song to Youtube using Merli or a picture to VocaPic.

Rules (Song)Edit

  • Songs must be tagged as 蒼姫ラピス生誕祭2014.
  • Producers must fill out a submission form in order for their entry to be valid.
  • Producers can use either Merli's VOCALOID3 voicebank or her iVocaloid voicebank.

Rules (Art)Edit

  • Art must be placed in the " メルリ " category and tagged as " iVOCALOIDメルリ発売記念 ".
  • Art must be in either in the format .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF.
  • The file must be up to 8 MB.


The winner from either contest received the VOCALOID Starter Kit and either a copy of Aoki Lapis NEO or Merli NEO. The winning song was also distributed digitally under i-Style Music.

Three random contestants also won various Aoki Lapis and Merli character merchandise.

Winning EntriesEdit

Winning ArtEdit

IVocaloid Winner

iVOCALOIDメルリ発売記念 by interlaken.

Winning SongEdit

Title Producer VOCALOID(s) NND / YT / etc.
大きなセカイ あげは 雪音 Merli YT

Other Song EntriesEdit

Title Producer VOCALOID(s) NND / YT / etc.
メルリのひとりごと 初音一 Merli YT
ツーリング Skywave400LTDABS Merli YT
ハマの姉ちゃんは東京が苦手 bar4649 Merli YT
わたしはメルリ 初音一 Merli YT
メデューサ破壊神 AOKURAGE303 Merli YT
褪めない夜に針 naruru nnpa Merli NND YT
メルリメグル KtPN Merli YT
六時間 bass remote Merli YT
left to you mi taga Merli YT
How to arrive at there Erico H Merli YT
Cross-species team windfall Merli YT
formula くずのせつ Merli YT

External linksEdit

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