Song title
"I Feel Lost"
Uploaded Apr 14, 2013, with 100+(YT) 50+(SC) views
B Darner (music, lyrics)
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First VOCALOID song by the author.

The song is slowly drawn out and consist of pauses with an occasional fast beat between the verses.


I don't know what's going on
I just feel truly lost
I do not know where I went wrong
Now everyone wishes I be gone

My life is on a dangerous path
On this thing I am sure to crash
I've been lulling sitting on my ass
Just watching this world fall to ash

Where should I go from here
I do not see any pathways clear
And this just makes me feel dreary
But I will just carry on weirdly

If only this world didn't fear me
I'm sure the passages would clear to me
Instead I am trapped forever lonely
Not knowing exactly where to be
From this life is it time to get off
I am sure I'm entirely lost
Probably because I forsake god
Now he just has for me this dark plot


I see many darkened passages
I just wanna journey back to bliss
But I find only this sadness
If only I could fulfill my wish

I just want to get through this
Just wanna escape from this abyss
Another opportunity in life to hit
This time not to be an idiot

I place my dreams on broken hope
Just to pray I can fix this whole world
But I am trapped from my old dirt
I really just commit too much hurt

To escape I debate how this must work
And then I just find myself unsure
Of my life I now just have one word
I wish that my choices I could reverse

Even though I am still lost
To continue I will not feel wrong
Even with this evil song
To find my way I will long