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I Love Waffles
Song title
"I Love Waffles"
Uploaded March 21, 2011, with 130+(NN) / 1,470+(YT) views
Nanamili (music, lyrics)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast


Nanamili's first original song which is dedicated to waffles. 


Waffle waffle wa-wa-wa waffles!
Ah,There's so many to choose from.
There's strawberry and blueberry and don't forget the syrup.
Waffles, wa-wa-wa
Waffles, wa-wa-wa

Ah, I just adore them so much
There's big waffles and small waffles and don't forget the toppings.
Waffles, wa-wa-wa.
When I put them in the microwave they still taste just as good.
When I run out I go buy some more and everything will be all good.

Waffles wa-wa-wa (6x)
They make me feel so happy.
When I am mad I eat some tasty waffles with some butter.
Waffles-wa-wa-wa waffles
Ah, They taste yummy with fruit too.
Be healthy will some banana and apples and go eat some

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