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  • "I Smile"
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  • Rubin (music, lyrics, illustration)



I'm so happy~! I hope you like it because I put a lot of effort for something so small... I was originally going to make SeeU sing this song in Korean, then I realised people would think it's related to "I=*whatever*" series. Also I'm a lazy translator :L

— Author's comment

Rubin's first original work featuring OLIVER and one of his most popular works. 


When I see you smile,
It hurts me now,
Seeing you smile.
Then again...
Now seeing you cry,
Hurting inside,
It makes me smile.
I Smile...

*tick tock tock tock*

Your happiness is the thing I
Something I hate.
Now let's see...
Your sadness to me,
Brings me such glee,
Brings me such "ha ha HA"-ing.
But what I don't understand,
What I don't get about you,
You don't care like how I do,
ARGH, do you understand,
Parlez-vous l'englais? (Do you speak english?)
Obviously not.

When you're falling down,
When you're wearing a frown,
I want to laugh because it's just
what I call fun,
Don't know why I smile,
Don't know how I smile,
But the smile I wear was like the mask
on my face,
I smile.

Your happiness is the same as me,
The same as me,
Your cries are to me,
The same as mine,
Lu di la la la la la,
"Hey does it hurt inside to?
What does it feel like for you?"
I don't know that but you do.

Well I see you now,
Here in front of me,
Staring at me,
Staring at you...

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