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Grey Skies
Song title
Uploaded May 18, 2015
A Maya


Ideals is an original song by A Maya featuring GUMI. This song is featured in A Maya's album, Grey Skies.


One day, you'll find yourself alone. 
Wake up, see that I am gone, 
And your empty promises 
Won't bring me back. 

The only person you're fooling 
Is yourself; if you can say 
That you don't love me, yet can't walk away - 

Honey, the one who can't see through the lie 
Is you. 

But you can tell me 
That I was too good 
For you. 

Say it out loud: 
Say it while you're fucking her, fucking her - 
Yeah, say you're at fault. 
Pretend you're noble when you secretly blame me. 
Yeah, blame it all on me. 

The damage you've caused can never 
Be repaired; I'm fucked for life. 
But still, you play the victim - 
Say you were right about me. 

You broke the promise that was my 
Only reason for living. 
You killed me for the ideals 
You saw in me. 

Ideals I had never 
Even possessed.

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