JBF RemixAlbum is an album consisting entirely of remixes of "Just Be Friends", Dixie Flatline's most notable song. It was released at Comiket 77. The album features mainly Megurine Luka, the song's original singer, although Kagamine Rin sings one track by herself. The album is listed on Toranoana.

JBF RemixAlbum
Released December 30, 2009
Producer Various
Price ¥1,500
Illust. Yunomi-P
Label Independent
Track list
1. Just Be Friends トモダチダッテサ MIX
Tomodatchi Datte sa MIX
sasakure.UK feat. Luka
2. Just Be Friends NTMGmix
baker feat. Luka
3. Just Be Friends Hard-R.K.mix
cosMo feat. Rin
4. Just Be Friends ごめんなさいremix
Gomen Nasai remix
Lovely-P feat. Luka
5. Just Be Friends mintia mix
minato feat. Luka
6. Just Be Friends 80's winter discotic mix
Machigerita-P feat. Luka
7. Just Be Friends Punk Ballade mix
Signal-P feat. Luka

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