Jewel Box Vol3 is the third album released by Satoimo. The album contains 8 tracks and features vocals from Yuzuki Yukari, GUMI, Kiyoteru Hiyama, ZOLA PROJECT, and Merli. It was released for the event M3 2014 Spring.

A crossfade can be heard on Youtube and NicoVideo.

The album's official listing can be found on its official page.

JewelBox Vol3
Released April 27, 2014
Producer Satoimo
Price ¥1,200
Illust. Akei
Label Individual
Track list
1. La・Breeze
GUMI, Yuzuki Yukari
2. ふたつの翼
Futatsu no Tsubasa / Two Wings
V3 GUMI (Power)
3. 秋空の窓辺に
Akizora no madobe ni
Yuzuki Yukari
4. 破滅のMOSAIC
Hametsu no Mosaic
Kiyoteru Hiyama, ZOLA PROJECT
5. 闇の彼方
Yami no Kanata / Beyond the Darkness
6. Angelic Jewel~2013Version~
Yuzuki Yukari
7. 食いしん坊のラプソディ
Kuishinbou no Rhapsody
8. 闇の彼方 (Lily ver.)
Yami no Kanata / Beyond the Darkness
JewelBox Vol2
Jewel Box Vol. 2

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