Journey Home ft Avanna
Song title
"Journey Home"
Uploaded Jul 1, 2013, with 550+(YT) 160+(SC) views
Vortex11316 (music, lyrics)
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A soft and introspective original song about returning to our roots -- wherever that might be for each of us.
— Authors comment


Far away, beyond the rivers of time
The falling snow obscures the path
Through the forest of my mind
Speak to me of raindrops and sunsets unseen
The fading light illuminates
The shadows in between

Going home...
Journey home
Coming home...
Journey home

Cast away an ocean of tears, it seems
My heart is lost between the waves
In the echoes of my dreams

Going home...
Journey home
Coming home...
Long journey home

Far away, beyond the rivers of time
I'm coming home to you to find
What I never left behind

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