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Jual Hitemo (Random2 on Niconico) is an amateur composer and VOCALOID user. He thinks the concept of the VOCALOID software is awesome and he likes music, thus believing that combining the two is a natural progression. Jual currently uses Cakewalk's Music Creator 6 and a midi keyboard for recording, mixing. He uses the VOCALOID3s AVANNA, GUMI and Miku English, and a VOCALOID2 SONiKA.

Jual has no set theme or genre and largely writes whatever comes to mind, however, he is currently working on making complex and layered songs in a bid to learn how to techno. Many of the illustrated peices for his uploads are simply done in Windows Paint, though the producer is interested in illustrators.

STATUS:November 3, 2012 → Active
URL(s)YouTube Niconico
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Singin' in the Rain - Instrumental " (Nov.03.2012)
  2. "Singin' in the Rain" (SONiKA) (Nov.05.2012)
  3. "Singin' in the Rain - Re-masted" (SONiKA) (Nov.06.2012)
  4. "compiling featuring" (SONiKA) (Nov.17.2012)
  5. "A Misaligned Pulchritude - Karaoke" (Nov.22.2012)
  6. "A Misaligned Pulchritude" (SONiKA) (Dec.14.2012)
  7. "Empty Space - Instrumental" (Dec.30.2012)
  8. "Space Game Opening" (Dec.30.2012)
  9. "Empty Space" (AVANNA) (Feb.23.2013)
  10. "Where My Mind Takes Me - Instrumental" (TBA written for AVANNA) (Mar.16.2013)
  11. "Let's Rock This - Instrumental" (Apr.08.2013)
  12. "Let's Rock This" (AVANNA) (Apr.18.2013)
  13. "Endless Echo - Karaoke" (Jul.10.2013)
  14. "Endless Echo" (Miku V3 English) (Sep.03.2013)
  15. "What Goes Around - Karaoke" (Sep.18.2013)
  16. "What Goes Around" (Miku V3 English) (Oct.03.2013)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

Empty Space

Uploaded Feb.23.2013 Featuring AVANNA
Music Jual Hitemo Main article Empty Space
Lyrics Jual Hitemo
Video Jual Hitemo

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