Juns Lullaby ft Avanna
Song title
"Jun's Lullaby"
Uploaded Sep 11, 2013, with 130+ views
Mr Pancake (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast


Just like my mother used to sing to me

A first VOCALOID original song by Mr Pancake. In the song the singer attempts to comforts his darling, saying she will stay by his side.

According the author's the song is part of "PROJECT 学生の恋" series, and the male's name is Jun. The details about the series and the character aren't further elaborated, as the author doesn't want to spoil any future surprise regarding the project.


Feel my heart
Quiet now please,
Don't you cry
Silence will,
Help you now...
Listen to my voice...
...singing now

Nothing else...
...should matter
I'll be here
by your side
Quiet now,
Close your eyes,
Everything is quiet now

Everything will be alright

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