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Song title
  • "Juntos tú y yo"
  • English: Together you and me‎
Uploaded October 20, 2011, with 121,700+ YouTube views (original ver.) and 84,648+ (revamp ver.)
  • Roger Rodés and Marc Barrachina (music, lyrics)
  • Giuseppe (operator)
  • Raimon Benach (illustration)


The official demo featuring Bruno and Clara, the first Spanish VOCALOIDs for the third engine. The song was composed in collaboration with Facto y los Amigos del Norte, a Spanish band from Barcelona.[1]

The song's original PV was controversial due to negative feedback on the mascots designs. During the promotional period a contest was held, the winners would get a copy of either of the VOCALOIDS. However, at the end of the contest, the winning fanwork resulted in being the official redesigns for both mascots, despite the initial claims from the company that they would not be.[2]

Succeeding versionsEdit

Juntos Tú y Yo
Featuring Bruno, Clara
Author(s) Roger Rodés and Marc Barrachina (Music and lyrics) Giuseppe (operator) Rumple (illust)
Category Original song, reupload


Singer + Color

Yeah, check it out
Ha, you tame me

Sabes que tú me haces vibrar,
Cuando te acercas a mi, sabes que soy muy especial,
Tan natural-al-al-al-aal, tan natural-al-al-al-aal...

Andaremos tú y yo pintando notas en el aire,
Inventando paisajes nuevos.
Seremos como dos árboles que nunca dobla el viento,
No me dejes caer.

Sube, o ayúdame a bajar,
Yo sola ya lo sabes, que nunca podré vibrar.
Tan natural-al-al-al-aal, tan natural-al-al-al-aal...

Vente, vente, vente.

Bailaremos tú y yo.
No me dejes caer.

You play me, Tocame.
You play me, Tocame.
You play me, Tocame.

You play me…


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  2. Vocaloidism - Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest

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