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KAITO 10th Anniversary -Glorious Blue- or simply Glorious Blue is a compilation album featuring various producers, focused exclusively on KAITO due to his 10th anniversary. It also includes two bonus tracks: a cover featuring KAITO's voice provider, Naoto Fūga (along with KAITO), and the other being an arrangement of a song by Wanderer-P, wanderer.

Released January 20, 2016
Producer Various
Price ¥3200
Illust. iXima
Track list
1. あったかいと
halyosy feat. KAITO
2. 千年の独奏歌
Sennen no Dokusou Ka / Thousand Year Solo
Yanagi-P feat. KAITO
3. Caged Flower
Re:nG feat. KAITO
4. Pane dhiria
Shinjou-P feat. KAITO
5. ドクター=ファンクビート
Doctor = Funkbeat
nyanyannya feat. KAITO
6. G.B.O.M.
Get Back Once More
7. ハイハハイニ
Hai wa Hai ni / Ashes to Ashes
Tennen feat. KAITO
8. 時忘人
Tokiwasurebito / Time-forgotten One
hinayukki feat. KAITO
9. loops and loops
sat feat. KAITO
10. 上弦の月
Jougen no Tsuki / Crescent Moon
Kurousa-P feat. KAITO
11. みかぼし
3106. feat. KAITO
yuukiss feat. KAITO
13. 神のまにまに
Kami no Manimani / At God's Mercy
Rerulili & Konki-P feat. Naoto Fūga, KAITO
14. wanderer -KAITO’s 10th Birthday ver.-
Kumi Tanioka (Original by Wanderer-P) feat. KAITO

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