KAITO JAZZ Compilation Album "Twilight Blue" or simply Twilight Blue is a KAITO compilation album, released in Vocaloid Paradise Extra Edition 3. It consists of 13 tracks by various notable producers.

A crossfade of the album could be heard here.

Released June 29, 2014
Producer Various
Price ¥2,315
Illust. Toratsugumi
Label Individual/Independent
Track list
1. Sugarless
Intro-P feat KAITO
2. 硝子の夜と藍の冠
Glass no Yoru to Ai no Kanmuri
OreginalP feat KAITO
3. Uncertain Future
Shinjou-P feat KAITO
4. Teddybear
Ebot feat KAITO
5. 想い出、北野坂
Omoide, Kitanozaka
Suke-P feat KAITO
6. Daydreaming Jazz
Maestro-P feat KAITO
7. Refrain
Daifuku-P feat KAITO
8. Blaze
Tetsubun-P feat KAITO
9. ボクラノカケラ
Bokura no Kakera
Enikusu-P feat KAITO
10. assembly
Staffroll-P feat KAITO
11. Treasure
Suzukaze-P feat KAITO
12. ノスタルジア
Yukitsuki feat KAITO
13. before you got to sleep
Crystal-P feat KAITO

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