Everyone experiences graduation, new semester, new life, newly employed... This CD is full of encouraging words for people who embark on a new chapter in their life.

KARENT presents TIME TO SAY HELLO! feat. 初音ミク is a compilation album by KarenT, featuring the vocals of Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len. It was released in commemoration of the Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012 (Mikupa)/Hong Kong and Taiwan concerts. An official track listing is available on KarenT.

Released October 2, 2012
Producer Various
Price N/A
Illust. _FEI
Label KarenT
Track list
1. アカツキアライヴァル
Akatsuki Arrival / Arrival of Dawn
Last Note. feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka
2. Next Stage (Album Edition)
SOSOSO-P feat. Hatsune Miku
3. 虹色パレット
Rainbow Color Palette
4. ココロ
Kokoro / Heart
Toraboruta-P feat. Kagamine Rin
5. 好きよ
koichikurin feat. Hatsune Miku
6. チープタイムディスコ
Cheap Time Disco
EasyPop feat. Megurine Luka
7. Sailing to Hope
Val-P feat. Hatsune Miku
8. 去夜~さよなら~
SAYONARA / Goodbye
Retasu-P feat. Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
9. ゆらぎの宇宙、恋と未来(the second round)
Our Love and the Future, Fluctuation of the Universe (the second round)
Hayakawa-P feat. Kagamine Len
10. 新世界へのプロローグ
Prologue to the New World
hashiyasume feat. Hatsune Miku
Fairy tale & Girl's talk 2
KARENT presents Fairy tale & Girl's talk feat. Hatsune Miku
Melody of Snow
KARENT presents Yuki no Neiro feat. Hatsune Miku