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KIKUOWORLD is Kikuo's second album. It features 11 tracks, such as Yaso tensho, Ankyo, and Blue Pyramid. All of the tracks are intrumentals.

It is avaliable for purchase in the iTunes store and AmazonMP3 .

Released July 13, 2012
Producer Kikuo
Price ¥1,200
Illust. Kikuo_sound
Label KarenT
Track list
1. 夜想天鐘
Yaso Tensho / Virtual Bell of Heavens in the Sky
2. 妖精の霧
Yousei no Kiri / Fairy of the Mist
3. 無間地獄の子供達
Mugen Jigoku no Kodomotachi / Children of Infinite Hell
4. 水の神殿
Mizu no Shinden / Water Temple
5. 人肉林からの楽しい逃走
Jinnikurin Kara no Tanoshii Tousou / Fun Escape from the Human Flesh Forest
6. 迷子の廃園
Maigo no Haien / Deserted Garden of the Lost Children
7. Ankyo
Ankyo / Screaming at the Darkness
8. 夢の海
Yume no Umi / Sea of Dreams
9. 青いピラミッド
Aoi Pyramid / Blue Pyramid
10. 終末の花
Shumatsu no Hana / Flower of the End
11. 夢の始まり
Yume no Hajimari / The Beginning of a Dream
KikuoMiku 2

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