Kentai-P is a Western producer who first started publishing in September 2009 with the song "Choutsuba (蝶翼)", performed by Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka. He still hasn't published any hit song and has a very small fanbase. His producer title is self-chosen.

Even though he has uploaded all his Vocaloid songs until "Atomic Winter - 100 no meteru" on NicoNico, his more recent songs are only available on his YouTube account and blog.

In addition to Vocaloid works, Kentai-P has also uploaded a variety of BGMs for games and such, as well as orchestral pieces.

STATUS:September 2009 → Present
OFFICIAL:Site: Kentai's Songfactory
URL(s)Channel: NicoNico YouTube


PLAYLIST(s):(NicoNico List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. Choutsuba(sa) (Sep.30.2009) (CrossX)
  2. Kanashi Uta...ka? (Oct.03.2009) (CrossX)
  3. Miku~Luka Jumpstyle - You can Dance! (Oct.07.2009) (CrossX)
  4. Sennen no Yuki (Okt.18.2009) (CrossX)
  5. Hoshiga Watashi no Annai (Nov.12.2009) (CrossX)
  6. Okyan (Nov.15.2009) (CrossX)
  7. Hatsune Autorun (Nov.18.2009) (CrossX)
  8. Sekaiha Kieru (Nov.21.2009) (CrossX)
  9. Leave a Message after the Beep... (Dec.09.2009) (CrossX)
  10. Kaimon Kai (Dec.20.2009) (CrossX)
  11. Once Every Year (Dec.23.2009) (CrossX)
  12. Let the School Bells Ring! (Dec.25.2009) (CrossX)
  13. Heartbeat of the Spring (Dec.28.2009) (CrossX)
  14. Atomic Winter - 100 no meteru (Jan.03.2010) (AW)
  15. Mixolithic (Jan.15.2010) (AW)
  16. Sakunen Natsu (Jan.16.2010) (AW)
  17. Hollow (Jan.24.2010) (AW)
  18. River of Tears (Feb.07.2010) (AW)
  19. Android Life Cycle - Emerging from the Source Code (Feb.27.2010) (AW)'(ALC)
  20. Android Life Cycle - Initialization (Mar.04.2010) (AW)'(ALC)
  21. Android Life Cycle - Life (Mar.10.2010) (AW)'(ALC)
  22. Android Life Cycle - Shutdown (Mar. 29.2010) (AW)'(ALC)
  23. Ragnarok 30 Minutes (Apr.11.2010) (AW)
  24. The Ballad of Bostons Bay (May.03.2010)(AW)
  25. Aokasa (May.09.2010)(RtAM)
  26. Thank you for 100 Subscribers! (May.22.2010)(RtAM)
  27. Sekaiha Kieru REVISED (May.23.2010)(RtAM)
  28. Train Number 5 to Antarctica (May.28.2010)(RtAM)
  29. Quasar Infinity (Jun.07.2010)(RtAM)
  30. Scarborough Fair Interpretation (Jun.18.2010)(RtAM)
  31. MAINFRAME REVOLUTION (Aug.14.2011)
  32. Reset me with a Bullet Train (Jan.07.2013)
  33. Drowning in the Asphalt (Jan.26.2013)
  34. The Metric Choir (Mar.13.2013)
  35. Rainday (Apr.19.2013)
  36. Redemption (May.29.2013)
  37. Decypher (Sep.06.2013)
  38. Supercharge (Oct.08.2013)
  39. Evolution (Nov.09.2013)
  40. Sub-Machine Insurrection (Dec.20.2013)
  41. Wave (Jan.10.2014)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

Reset me with a Bullet Train

Uploaded 2013.07.01 Featuring AVANNA
Music Kentai-P Main article Reset me with a Bullet Train
Lyrics Kentai-P
Video Kentai-P

Drowning in the Asphalt

Uploaded 2013.01.26 Featuring AVANNA, SONiKA
Music Kentai-P Main article Drowning in the Asphalt
Lyrics Kentai-P
Video Kentai-P


Uploaded 2013.04.19 Featuring AVANNA
Music Kentai-P Main article Rainday
Lyrics Kentai-P
Video Kentai-P


Uploaded 2013.05.29 Featuring AVANNA, Megurine Luka
Music Kentai-P Main article Redemption
Lyrics Kentai-P
Video Kentai-P