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Kobayashi Onyx (小林オニキス), also known as adamaurow, is the author of the big hit song "Saihate." Although he does not have many works, he has attracted many fans with his characteristic melodies and animation. He was also involved in the production of Meaw along with producer Tripshots.
STATUS:December 2007 → Active
Kobayashi Onyx
ASSOCIATIONS:usacolony, Hana to Onyx
OFFICIAL:Blog, Website
URL(s)Channel: Youtube, piapro
Facebook, pixiv, Twitter
PLAYLIST(s):Nico Nico
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Unchained Memory" (Miku) (Dec.10.2007)
  2. "Saihate" (Miku) (Jan.16.2008) with subtitles
  3. "ORCA" (Miku) (Aug.10.2008) with subtitles
  4. "Sayonara Astronauts" (Miku) (Aug.26.2008) with subtitles
  5. "Amai Wana" (Luka) (Feb.07.2009)
  6. "60th Summer of Love" (Meaw) (Nov.23.2010)
  7. "pair* Factory MIX" (Meaw) (Aug,25.2011)
  8. "Konbini to anata no sōji sei nikansuru arekore" (Akikoloid-chan) (Sep.06.2011)
  9. "Owakare Hayashi" (Miku) (Jul.16.2015)
  10. "Owakare Hayashi" (Sachiko) (Aug.27.2015)
  11. '"Präparat Days" (Fukase) (Jan.28.2016)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

アンチェインド・メモリー (Unchained Memory)

Uploaded 2007.12.10 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Kobayashi Onyx Main article アンチェインド・メモリー (Unchained Memory)
Lyrics Kobayashi Onyx
Video Kobayashi Onyx
Kobayashi Onyx's first published song. This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

サイハテ (Saihate)

Uploaded 2009.02.10 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Kobayashi Onyx Main article サイハテ (Saihate)
Lyrics Kobayashi Onyx
Video Kobayashi Onyx
This song has reached over 2,400,000 views and is letting go of someone you were once close to. It is featured in the 39's Giving Day 2010 Concert and the MikuNoPolis 2011 Concert; also in the games -Project DIVA- 2nd and -Project DIVA- Arcade.

お別れ囃子 (Owakare Bayashi)

Uploaded 2015.07.16 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Kobayashi Onyx (music), kahan kiusa (mastering) Main article お別れ囃子 (Owakare Bayashi)
Lyrics Kobayashi Onyx
Video Kobayashi Onyx

プレパラートデイズ (Präparat Days)

Uploaded 2016.01.28 Featuring Fukase
Music Kobayashi Onyx (music), kahan kiusa (mastering) Main article プレパラートデイズ (Präparat Days)
Lyrics Kobayashi Onyx


Compilation AlbumsEdit


M saihate
Hatsune Miku's module Saihate Miku, for the song "Saihate", featured in the "-Project DIVA- 2nd" videogame.
Miku 57
Hatsune Miku's Saihate costume in the videogame: -Project DIVA- Arcade Future Tone.
Saihate Nendoroid puchi figure
Tinier me Saihate Miku
Saihate "Selfy" (Hatsune Mikux@Games/TinierMe Collab)

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