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kokone VOCALOID3

This is an article about the kokone software for the VOCALOID3 engine.


kokone's release date being Valentine's Day complements the meaning of her name: "heart sound".

She was first announced via Twitter on December 23, 2013 which featured her first demo song.[1] A tweet soon followed confirming her February release.[2] The vocal is confirmed to be based on a new vocalist.[3]

The next two demo songs were announced to come mid-Jan 2014.[4] It was also announced in early Jan 2014 that her boxart would be revealed the following month.[5]

According to her site , she will also be compatible with the VOCALOID Editor for Cubase NEO.

According to information given before her release, kokone had been in production for 6 months (since July 2013). Originally Internet co had planned a separate falsetto vocal for GUMI, however switching vocals would prove difficult for producers as tone of voice would be noticed the moment it switched. When VOCALOID entered the VOCALOID3 era, the falsetto vocal was put to the test, but it proved impossible to hide how noticeable the change was. The trouble was matching all 50 phonetics from GUMI's normal vocal and her falsetto. The focus of the range would have been to extend GUMI's range beyond F4 giving her the capabilities to reach A3. Instead of going ahead with the Megpoid Falsetto vocal, it was decided to create a VOCALOID with both normal and falsetto capabilities built into one vocal; this lead to kokone being created. Most of kokone's production was made in-house.[6]

Product InformationEdit



moment notes Niconico YouTube
cry for the STAR Niconico YouTube
Nervous Niconico YouTube
想歌百景 (Souka Hyakkei) Niconico YouTube
想歌百景 (Souka Hyakkei) with Vocalistener Niconico YouTube



Voicebank LibrariesEdit

Product Information
  Tempo: 60 - 175 BPM  Range: D2 - D5
Package details
kokone is a VOCALOID designed to have a large vocal range and produce high quality results. At the time of her release, her vocal range was the largest of any released VOCALOID. kokone is built to handle normal singing vocals, yet smoothly move into falsetto when singing in her higher range. This allows her to act both as a main singer and as a backup singer to other vocals.

The package also contains demo song data and illustrations.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Due to the versatile nature of the vocal, kokone can perform a variety of singing roles.
  • Switching from normal to falsetto is smooth and allows for results not otherwise possible with other VOCALOIDs.
  • Her overall capabilities are greater even most other individual VOCALOID voices released for VOCALOID™
  • The vocal is built upon a strong bass.
  • Her best range is her higher registers, which some find easily display emotion.
  • She is not designed for any specific genre, allowing for flexibility with the vocal.
  • Her sounds are clear and smooth.
  • At at optimum range of #D5, Chika and Kokone have the highest optimum range of any known vocal of VOCALOID3.
  • At a lowest optimum range of #D2 kokone, V3 Lily, Hatsune Miku V3 vocals Dark and solid as well as Yuzuki Yukari all jointly hold the title of "lowest Japanese female" optimum range between them. They are beaten as overall lowest female by Clara at #C2.
  • One imported into VOCALOID4, she becomes available for XSY
    • As of Ver.4.3.0 of the VOCALOID4 engine, with the exception of the original galaco and Rana vocals (which are not counted as an official Internet co., Ltd release) all VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID4 Internet Co., Ltd. vocals can XSY between each other.
    • In total if user was to own every VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID4 XSY capable INTERNET co., LTD vocal, this offers the equivalent of 812 additional voicebanks achievable via XSY. The total tone variation offered by the combined packages comes to a theoretical 841 voicebanks in total.[7]
    • Note that Users of the updated XSY list have to understand that as confirmed by Internet co., Ltd themselves, depending on the combination of the two vocals a level of extra unwanted noise may be generated.
    • This is particularly true more so when using the single voicebank releases from VOCALOID3 in XSY in either primarily or secondary roles. In addition to not being built with XSY in mind, they were never built with accompanying vocals in mind, so have no adjustments made to fit in with a accompanying voicebank of similar nature like the multi-bank releases did.
Software issues as noted:
  • Due to the softness of her falsetto, she produces an unnatural sound on higher registers.
  • Main voices and falsetto voices have a overlapping range where both can achieve the same notes, as demonstrated by VY2v3's "Standard" and "Falsetto" vocals.
    • Owed to the fact that kokone has both vocals in the same voicebank, she only sings in one style or the other.
    • She can switch voice registers in the overlap range without warning, making her unpredictable and sometimes difficult to control.
    • Editing in an attempt to get the opposite style in this range can leave her sounding unnatural or forced.
Voicebank sample

kokone VOCALOID3



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