ここねくしょん! (Kokonection!) is a kokone first only-compilation album released on The Voc@loid M@ster 30. The compilation was mastered by Gedou-san and contains 11 original tracks and various illustrations.

A crossfade of the album could be heard here.

Released November 15, 2014
Producer Various
Price ¥1,111
Illust. Shikabane Minori
Track list
1. Co-Connected Communication
BiRD(s) feat. kokone
2. 別れそして出会い
Wakare Soshite Deai
Mochalyna feat. kokone
3. My Lovely Girl ~私だけの歌姫~
My Lovely Girl ~Watashi Dake no Utahime~
Megcup-P feat. kokone
4. May my flames swallows
Amane feat. kokone
5. Rote
cci feat. kokone
6. スレチガイワルツ
Surechigai Waltz
MistDewing feat. kokone
7. うたたねデートイヴ
Utatane Date Eve
hgSchnauzer feat. kokone
8. 下弦、雪夜の雲隱れ
Kagen, Yukiyo no Kumogakure
Amy Crowley feat. kokone
9. 火花想葬
Hanabi Sousou
Okebo (bloompot) feat. kokone
10. 誕生日に
Tanjoubi ni (Birthday)
syuwaiP feat. kokone
11. ありがとうレター
Arigatou Letter
Tamago-P feat. kokone

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