この歌が終わっても (Kono Uta ga Owatte mo) is Asin Kuroda's fifth single. A single featured human vocals called "この歌が終わっても (歌ってみた合唱ver.) (Kono Uta ga Owatte mo (Utattemita gasshou))" is released in the same day.

The single can be purchased on iTunes JP.

Kono Uta ga Owatte mo single
Released April 04, 2014
Producer Asin Kuroda
Price ¥200
Label Individual/Independent
Track list
1. この歌が終わっても
Kono Uta ga Owatte mo (Even if this song ends)
Hatsune Miku V3, GUMI, IA, Megurine Luka, VY1v3, VY2v3, Aoki Lapis, Merli, kokone, V3 Lily, Camui Gackpo, KYO, YUU, WIL, anon and kanon
想歌百景 single
Souka Hyakkei Vocalistener Ver.
Paralyze album

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