LEN COMPILATION「LC」 is a Len-only compilation album. It contains 15 tracks, all sung by Kagamine Len. The album was first released at THE VOC@LOID M@STER 16. The concept is: "An album by Len fans, for Len fans."

A crossfade of the album can be heard on Niconico.

The album is purchasable on D-STAGE and Toranoana.

LEN COMPILATION「LC」 - album illust
Released June 12, 2011
Producer Various
Price ¥2,100
Illust. Hekicha
Track list
1. Filtering
Kid-P × Wakakohimemoe feat. Kagamine Len
2. quintet ebony
toya × Kosora feat. Kagamine Len
3. Waste Story
Pyoro-P × Tama feat. Kagamine Len
4. ホンキのキモチ
Honki no Kimochi
Lelele-P × Painter Brioche feat. Kagamine Len
5. Cinderella+Boy
Megaren-P × Itaru feat. Kagamine Len
6. translucent
Ubu-P × Ginga feat. Kagamine Len
7. BRAVE~翼神の願い~
BRAVE ~Tsubasa Shin no Negai~
Nagatsuki Shuurin × Kadokoa feat. Kagamine Len
8. グラマラス・バタフライ
Glamorous Butterfly
Musuka-P × Hekicha feat. Kagamine Len
9. トゥルリラタリラトゥルラ
Tululila Talila Tulula
Giga-P × Orebanana-P feat. Kagamine Len
10. 霧の森の水鏡
Kiri no Mori no Mizukagami
akahori × 96Mame feat. Kagamine Len
11. 少年トラジティ
Shounen Torajiti
yukki# × Makuro feat. Kagamine Len
12. LEN -Lead to Endless Night-
Basti-P × Yomorin feat. Kagamine Len
13. 悠久幻想
Yuukyuu Gensou
Hanotsuki (Chiku-P) × Anko feat. Kagamine Len
14. 永遠の彼方
Eien no Kanata
Shiero-P × Potako feat. Kagamine Len
15. その道を進め
Sonomichi wo Susume
Worldwide-P × Itaru feat. Kagamine Len

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