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Song title
  • "La Audición"
  • English: The Audition
Uploaded March 11, 2014, with 990+ Niconico views and 43,800+ YouTube views
  • maubox
    • Ankari (music, lyrics)
    • Lluvia (art, video)
    • Aatash (jp. translation)
  • Dave Pineda (piano)


Maubox presents MAUKA, er, MAIKA. Taking this chance to participate in Voctro’s contest.
— Author's comments

An entry for MAIKA Original Song Contest and winning entry for the Most Popular Video. The song talks about the sad reencounter between a girl and her ex, some time after they broke up. After receive an invitation from her ex, the girl prepares herself to face him, comparing the situation to an audition or casting, only to end heartbroken after find out that her ex moved on and now he has a new girlfriend.

It was featured in Vocalloctive's album MA¡KA and maubox's single 2014 en Mauboxlandia.

The song also was featured in the section "International" VOCALOID Songs Vol.1 on the VOCALOID's Official Facebook.[1]


Spanish Official English
Esa vez me quedé sin más que perder At that time, I had nothing else left to lose
Me equivoque por pensar siquiera en volver I was wrong for even thinking we could go back
Te perdoné, pero tu mirada I forgave you, but your eyes
no se enfocaba en mí Weren’t focused on me
Hoy lo se. I know this today

No te quería ver nunca mas I didn’t want to see you ever again
Tu invitación me hizo un daño que tú no veras Your invitation hurt me in a way you won’t see
Porque iré Because I’ll go
Si hay que actuar, daré una buena función If I have to act, I’ll put on a great show
Tu publico no debe esperar Your audience shouldn’t wait

Así que en este día tan especial So on this special day
Lo que pienso y siento debe cambiar All my feelings and thoughts must change
Vistiendo mi sonrisa te voy a enfrentar I’m going to face you wearing a smile
Telón arriba, luces y a comenzar The curtain’s up, lights on, let’s start

Soy la que todos ven, sigo en pie I’m the one everyone looks at, I’m still standing
Te saludé sin mirarte ni echarme a correr I greeted you without looking at you, nor running away
Mi control al notar a quien tenias al lado I lost my composure when I saw who was by your side
Se quebró pero lo arreglé But I regained it

En mi papel convencí a quien me vio sin dudar Playing my role I convinced everyone who saw me, without a doubt
Me esforcé mucho por parecer natural I made a big effort in order to look natural
Pero al final no sirvió para llamar tu atención But in the end that wasn’t enough to get your attention;
En mi ovación no estabas de pie You weren’t standing during my ovation

Así siguió este día tan especial That’s how this very special day went on,
Mi actuación tan fría era estelar My cool acting was stellar
Las vueltas de la vida me hicieron marear; Life’s twists and turns made my dizzy,
mi maquillaje seguirá en su lugar But my make-up is staying in place

Todo aquello que soñaba con tener All those things I dreamed of having
No era mío al parecer Weren’t meant for me it seems
Fue solo una audición en la que fallé It was only an audition I failed
Por no ver For not being able to see

Ese día tan especial On that very special day
comprendí que nunca te voy a olvidar I was able to understand I’ll never forget you
No pude ser tu amiga ni tu ideal I couldn’t be your friend nor the girl of your dreams
Pero te quería a mi pesar But I loved you in spite of myself

Por que yo soy la misma que jugabas a amar Because I am the same you’d pretend to love
ya que no era de tu mundo real Since I wasn’t part of your real world
y por eso es que hoy voy a llorar And that’s why today I’m going to cry
en el papel de ensamble que In this ensemble role
me fuiste a dar. You ended up casting me in


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