Kimi to Kimi no Aisuru Hito o Taisetsu ni ne, Ohayōhayō.

Lalala Shuumatsu-ron. (Lalala Eschatology.) is sasakure.UK's second album. It, like his first album, is a concept album with two themes: "End" and "Fairy Tale". It features Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, GUMI, and Kagamine Rin.

The morse code in the prologue says ...././.-../.-../--- which spell out "h e l l o".

Released August 15, 2009
Producer sasakure.UK, baker, Kuroneko-P, cosMo
Price ¥1,300
Illust. sasakure.UK
Label Sasakuration
Track list
1. プロローグ・ラララ終末論。
Prologue · Lalala Shuumatsu-ron / Prologue · Lalala Eschatology
Hatsune Miku
2. 妖精のシッポ -フェアリ・ティル-
Yousei no Shippo -Fairy · Tale-
Hatsune Miku
3. しゅうまつがやってくる!
Shuumatsu ga Yattekuru! / The (Week)end is coming!
Kagamine Rin
4. カムパネルラ
5. ぼくらの16bit戦争
Bokura no 16bit Sensou / Our 16bit Wars
6. 突然、君が浮いた
Totsuzen, Kimi ga Uita / Suddenly, You're Floating
Megurine Luka
7. ワンダーラスト
Wanderlast / The "Wanderlast"
Megurine Luka
8. マリィの世界
Marie no Sekai / Marie's World
Hatsune Miku
9. *ハロー、プラネット。
*Hello, Planet.
Hatsune Miku
10. モバイリ:センセーション(NTMG MIX)
baker feat. Kagamine Rin
11. ワンダーラスト(Piano REMIX) remixed by 黒ねこP
Wanderlast / The "Wanderlast"
Kuroneko-P feat. Megurine Luka
12. ニジイロ*アドベンチュア(STG-Remake)
Nijiiro*Adventure / Rainbow-Colored*Adventure
cosMo feat. Hatsune Miku
13. エピローグ・ラララ終末論。
Epilogue · Lalala Shuumatsu-ron / Epilogue · Lalala Eschatology
Hatsune Miku
Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Bird
Vocaloid wa Shuumatsudori no Yume o Miru ka?


The front cover of the album
The back cover of the album

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