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  • "landing to you"
Uploaded Jul 01, 2009, with 3,800+ Niconico views
  • CALFO (music, lyrics)
  • Toka Nantoka and @_@ (movie)


I can jump to the tune of everyone from fifth anniversary tag!
— author's comment (translated)

One of the notable songs with MIRIAM. The movies of the song were made separately Toka Nantoka and @_@ and posted on Niconi Commons. CALFO liked the work and asked to use them in the song.


Hello, world.

How long did I sleep in disc?
How long did you wait for me?
You smile me who wake.

Why did you choose me?
Why did you take my hands?
You smile and call me.

In your world, your town, your room.
I'm born to make the song with you.
Everytime when you call me.

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