Leaving Donna is an EP created by EmpathP. It consists of 9 tracks, 4 songs and 5 instrumentals. This album is available here.

Leaving Donna Album Art
Released 25th Oct 2011
Producer EmpathP
Price $10 (Downloadable)
Illust. hakei1211
Label Individual/Independent
Track list
1. Leaving Donna
2. 約束あげるよ
Sasayaki Nana
3. Knot or Not?
Hatsune Miku ft Kagamine Rin
4. White Knight
5. Leaving Donna -piano version- (instrumental)
6. Leaving Donna (instrumental)
7. 約束あげるよ (instrumental)
8. Knot Or Not? (instrumental)
9. White Knight (instrumental)
Fairytale Blue Cover Art
Fairytale Blue
Fables of Farewell
Fables of Farewell

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