レン愛いたしませんかぁ! (Len Ai Itashimasenkaa!) is Lelele-P's second album consist of 10 tracks of Lelele-P's Renka Series (Love Series). The five songs are the original songs fully remixed and remastered, with the other five tracks the instrumental versions. It's the prequel to Motto! Len Ai Itashimasenkaa! which has more remixes.

Several notable tracks of the album include "Ike Lenka", "TsundeLenka", "YandeLenka" by Len.

The CD was first distributed at Comiket 75

The album was purchasable on Toranoana

LeLeLeLeLe aita Cover
Released December 29th 2008
Producer Lelele-P
Price ¥735
Illust. Painter Brioche
Track list
1. ヘタ恋歌
Kagamine Len
2. イケ恋歌
Kagamine Len
3. ツンデ恋歌
Kagamine Len
4. マセ恋歌
Mase Lenka
Kagamine Len
5. ヤンデ恋歌
Kagamine Len
6. ヘタ恋歌 (instrumental)
HetaLenka (instrumental)
Kagamine Len
7. イケ恋歌 (instrumental)
IkeLenka (instrumental)
8. ツンデ恋歌 (instrumental)
TsundeLenka (instrumental)
9. マセ恋歌 (instrumental)
MaseLenka (instrumental)
10. ヤンデ恋歌 (instrumental)
YandeLenka (instrumental)
Summer Gravity Cover
Summer Gravity
Leleleredio Cover
All Night Leleledio!

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