Lento Memento (レント メメント) is Lelele-P's seventh album, the previous being his major debut album LELELEGEND. It was first distributed on summer Comiket 82 and was described as an all "Len love songs" album with all the songs featured in the album love-related.

Several notable tracks of the album include "Ophelia" previously featured in the compilation Caleidoscopio, "I want to be a Lion" previously featured in the "Magical Nuko Len Len reUnion Chronicle tracks" and "Mitabine Fuyu". New songs include "Poraroido", "Aitsu ni yoroshiku", and "Dai baka!".

Crossfade of the album can be heard on tmbox, and is purchasable for order from Toranoana

Lento Memento Lelele-P
Released August 11th 2012
Producer Lelele-P
Price 1,000 yen
Illust. Painter Brioche
Track list
1. into the love(prelude)
2. 恋人自慢
Kagamine Len
3. 雨上がりのプリンス
Kagamine Len
4. ワン!ツー!!スリー!!!
Kagamine Len
5. 大バカっ!
Kagamine Len
6. オフェリア 
Kagamine Len
7. 三度目の冬
Kagamine Len
8. ラブソングは歌えない
Kagamine Len
9. アイツによろしく
Kagamine Len
10. ライオンになってみたい
Kagamine Len
11. ポラロイド
Kagamine Len
Bokurano heartbeat Lelele-P
Bokura no Heartbeat