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Starting move around!!

In this world lie infested,
this stage is my only place
surrender myself to this sound
full of truth
this moment is the best of me
people who cant understand this,
you don't have to try to do
because we were born in different place

my own way
carrying out my intention

what is my euphoria?
getting the money?
getting the fame?
doing well in society while hiding myself?
fxxkin' shit!
its enough i brought into the limelight
only on this stage
this is the only place
gathering persons fascinated by the sound

I see the world like a monochrome
what is right?
what is wrong?
but we have one light
named music

a lot of feelings inside of me
spread broken wings
and fly away
we move about in this narrow box
and converse each other through the sound
after i will see your smiling face
i think every time this moment
lasts forever

when you cry, when you laugh,
when you have pain, when you have fear,
when you are dark, when you are happy
music is next to you
music is always next to you

this place is always filled with the sound
your voices are bracing me up

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