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Song title
"Lost In Thought'"
Uploaded Mar 17, 2015, with 400+ views
Megurine Luka
YouTube Broadcast

Background Edit

"Lost In Thought" is an original Megurine Luka song. It is featured in the Vocallective Records album, Chipbox.

Lyrics Edit

i am looking in a mirror
mirror of my dreams
when the time comes i'll be ready
ready for all things

as the passing cars are flying by
i'm lost in thought

sometimes there's a hidden meaning
in the simplest things
sometimes there's a new beginning
when all comes to bits

as the scenery is flying by
i am lost in thought

even though i'm only dreaming
i can still have hope
that all things will turn this evening
i can't have no more

as the passing thoughts are passing by
i'm lost in dreams

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