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Series title
Romaji: Koigokoro, Aruiwa Negai to Kyousou
English: Love, or Wishes and Delusions
Uploaded July 21, 2009
Singer(s): Hatsune Miku

Character(s): The Stalker

Machigerita-P (music, lyrics)
GENk (illustrator)


Love, or Wishes and Delusions is a two part series by Machigerita-P about a girl stalking the man she "loves", doing all kinds of grotesque things to get his attention, leaving body parts on his door step and even killing his lover.

Note: The name "Love, or Wishes and Delusions" is not the official name given by the composer Machigerita; this series has no "official" name whatsoever, the name is simply taken from the prelude track on the Fallen album.

The SongsEdit

ロッテンガールグロテスクロマンス (Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance)

Uploaded July 21, 2009 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Machigerita-P Main article ロッテンガールグロテスクロマンス (Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance)
Lyrics Machigerita-P
Video GENk (illust)
This song is the first part and tells the story of the girl stalking a man. She soon notices he's already with another woman and kills her, then packs her body parts in a box while burning photos of her with the man. Later, she begins decapitating cats and leaving their heads at his doorstep, knowing he's a cat person.

サイコティックラウンジ (Psychotic Lounge)

Uploaded September 6, 2009 (CD) Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Machigerita-P Main article サイコティックラウンジ (Psychotic Lounge)
Lyrics Machigerita-P
Video Fallen
This takes place an unspecified time after the first one, the man has realized she's the cause of his misery and has her arrested. After realizing her violent acctions were unjustified, she begs for him to forgive her. It's implied they had some sort of relation earlier.