Luka punk song
Song title
"Luka Punk Song"
Uploaded January 31, 2016, with 80+ views
Megurine Luka
YouTube Broadcast

Background Edit

"Graceful Dance" is an original English song featuring Megurine Luka. A song about trying to find someone to love, and is the prequel to the other genre-based song, Luka Rave Song.

Lyrics Edit

About being on time
My brain is out of my hand
And longer if I can don't you want me to love you
I know what I know
Always the first to say gone
I'm weak and I'm selfish
You must be so lonely

Only when you try
You need to give me more
Deep inside my head I've found
I'd use it this time, oh yeah
But if I had some time
I hope it's this time
I'll steal myself a heart
Everyone needs someone

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