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Luo Tianyi VOCALOID3 Japanese VOCALOID4

Luo Tianyi (洛天依) is a Chinese VOCALOID formerly developed by Bplats, Inc. under the YAMAHA Corporation, and was created in collaboration with Shanghai HENIAN. She was released in July 2012 for the VOCALOID3 engine.

An update to the VOCALOID4 engine has been confirmed and will be completely handled by Shanghai HENIAN.[2]

Tianyi is the grand winning entry of the "VOCALOID™ CHINA" contest which was held for choosing the design of the first Chinese VOCALOID. Her voice is provided by Shan Xin (山新 / 王宥霁 Wáng Yòujì), a Chinese voice actress who is able to speak Mandarin and Japanese.


According to her short anime series, Luo Tianyi is an angel who came to earth with a mission to spread music throughout the world. Tianyi can detect "the song of your heart" (心中的歌声) and it can be interpreted as the strongest emotion a person has at the moment or a melody that represents them. Even if people cannot express the melody themselves, Tianyi can still hear it and sing it.

Her personality is a bit introvert, but she is still the type of girl who has a lot of empathy and does not give up easily. She admires the VOCALOIDs from the past and dreams of the day she can do just the same as them – using songs to bring happiness to the world. While she cannot communicate with humans due to the language barrier between humans and VOCALOIDs, she is very sensitive to others' emotions and can use songs to express her own emotions and thoughts.

Her special skill is "Resonate" (共鸣).

In 2017, according to Shanghai HENIAN's official website, Tianyi's official birthday is July 12. She is listed as a Cancer and she is considered an alien.


Her original name was Yayin Gongyu (雅音宫羽), however, this was dropped because it was written in a Japanese naming style rather than Chinese.

Luò Tiānyī: Luo is the name of a river in China, but the name may have come from the last name of a goddess (Luoshen, 洛神) who appeared in ancient Chinese legends. The goddess plays instruments and is considered to be the goddess of the river, "Luò Shuǐ" (洛水). Tian (天) means "sky" or "heaven", but it also may have come from Tianlai (天籁), "sounds from heaven", which is used in China to describe the most beautiful voices. Yi (依) means "rely" or "depend on", but it is also short for Yiren (伊人), which means "fair lady", "soft lady", or "delicate lady" in ancient Chinese. It is also possible that it derived from "Yángliǔ Yīyī" (杨柳依依), or "delicate willow".


The design was originally drawn by MOTH, but was refined and redrawn by ideolo, a Chinese illustrator.

Located on Tianyi's neck, there is a green jade charm with a Sanskrit character on it. This represents the "Water" element, the "North" position, the color "Blue", and the "Winter" season. This character also appears on her logo, which represents a crystal, and its Chinese equivalent is "羽" (Yu), one of the 5 Traditional Chinese melody characters.[3]


Music featuring Luo TianyiEdit

Examples of usage

Romaji/English Quán Yù Tiānxià (Sun Quan the Emperor)
Featuring Luo Tianyi
Producers Wugui
Category Original song
Romaji/English Xiě Gěi Wǒ Dì Yī Gè Xǐhuān de Nǚhái de Gē (A Song Written for the First Girl I Loved
Featuring Luo Tianyi
Producers ilem
Category Original song
Romaji/English Dōngjīng Bù Tài Rè (Not Too Hot in Tokyo)
Featuring Luo Tianyi
Producers Xiao Xin Hao
Category Original song
Romaji/English DOTA Shui (DOTA Tax)
Featuring Luo Tianyi
Producers gao111572
Category Cover song
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Additional informationEdit



Tianyi's figurine that was in the deluxe version of her voicebank.

Luo Tianyi was a fan-designed VOCALOID, created with the VOCALOID fans in mind. This concept is shared with VOCALOIDs such as Ring Suzune and Lui Hibiki.

VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT released an animated 30 second preview of the first PV featuring Tianyi. Production was handled by Seven Stone studio.

See also: Luo Tianyi/Marketing and VOCALOID in other media


Luo Tianyi's character status

Luo Tianyi became popular in China as there is a large fandom in the country. However, in the West, she is not noticed as much, where many videos carry less than 5,000 views on YouTube. In Japan, Tianyi was accepted and received relatively well, but her videos on Niconico Douga still do not receive many views. Although she is Chinese, which often suffers from issues of racism between China and countries like Japan and South Korea; there was very little racial backlash towards Tianyi compared to SeeU's Japanese backlash.

In 2012, Hidekaz Himaruya, the author of Hetalia: Axis Powers, made a blog entry with fanart of Yayin Gongyu.[4]

In 2013, Tianyi had a large peak in popularity around February during the Chinese New Year.[5]

In April 2015, Pǔtōng DISCO, a duet song between Tianyi and YANHE, reached 1 million views on bilibili. In the same month and year, Quán Yù Tiānxià became the first Tianyi solo song to have 1 million views.

In July 2016, Tianyi's V4 design was revealed and was presented as a possible design. Due to the Chinese fans' negative reactions toward her new design, particularly due to her missing iconic design elements such as the flower in her hair, her angel wing, and her light shade of blue in the V3 design, SHN stated they may change the design.[6]

  • First Chinese capable VOCALOID
  • First female Chinese VOCALOID
  • First VOCALOID from Shanghai HENIAN
  • First female VOCALOID from Shanghai HENIAN
  • First VOCALOID to have an OVA series
  • First Chinese VOCALOID to perform live
  • First VOCALOID to perform with a VOCALOID of another company and language
  • First Chinese VOCALOID to have a video game
  • First Chinese VOCALOID developed by Bplats


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What characteristic of Luo Tianyi do you like?

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Luo Tianyi 300x172
The image gallery for Luo Tianyi may be viewed here.


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