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This is an article about the Luo Tianyi Japanese software for the VOCALOID3 engine.


On April 2, 2012, Shan Xin confirmed that she had just finished her second day of recording the voicebank, also mentioning that she had done an interview with Japanese reporters.[1] According to her report, she recorded in the 'Japanese way', which led to a fan asking if it would be a Japanese or Chinese voicebank. Shan Xin responded by stating to wait for the announcement.[2]

On July 11, VOCALOID China Project released a special video that showed all Luo Tianyi's Chinese demos. Later, it was revealed that she will also have a Japanese voicebank, expected to release in October. This has since been pushed back.

On July 16, Shan Xin mentioned that Japanese voicebank will be released in that Autumn.[3]

Her Japanese voicebank was not yet finished at the time of YANHE's development, however, they hoped to have her released soon. Later in November 2013, it was confirmed the vocal was cancelled.[4][5]

In addition to this, jarryestel, a former member of Shanghai HENIAN, stated that one of the reasons for the cancelation of Tianyi's Japanese voicebank was due to an issue between Japan and China during 2012, particularly over the ownership of Diaoyu Island/Senkaku Islands. This lead Shanghai HENIAN to cancel the Japanese voicebank since the relationship of the countries were conflicting and could negatively affect the sales of the voicebank. To add on, many Japanese companies were pulling their employees back to Japan for their safety, and therefore projects were never finished, possibly including Tianyi Japanese. Due to this occurring too quickly, the reason for the cancellation was never revealed properly.[6][7]

Product Information

Demonstration songs


Mysterious (Japanese version) YouTube (Reprint)

Voicebank Libraries

Had this project been released, it would given users the option to create higher quality level results for Japanese than using the existing Voicebank libraries for the same purposes.


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