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This is an article about the Luo Tianyi software for the VOCALOID4 engine.



On May 29, 2015, in a Q/A session with Shanghai HENIAN, fans asked questions about a possibility to update their VOCALOID3s. The company responded that it was always in consideration, but noted that upgrading a VOCALOID was not easy as it would require time, funding, and effort to revisit a VOCALOID. At the time, the company’s operations and survival could not allow them to update any vocals.[1]

On July 23, in response to a producer’s question, Yuezheng Longya’s production was leaked. It was also noted that SHN was considering VOCALOID4 updates for Luo Tianyi, YANHE, and Yuezheng Ling.[2]


In February 2016, a fan contacted SHN about their production plans. SHN responded that they were planning to make a VOCALOID4 update for Tianyi and were contacting Shan Xin to work on the update. If she responded to their messages and agreed to revoice Tianyi, SHN planned to make an announcement in the future. The conversation was later leaked on Weibo.[3]

Tianyi's VOCALOID4 production was officially announced on March 12. Her original voicebank would be improved and it was confirmed that she would be receiving at least one additional voicebank. However, the name of it was not revealed at the time and it was unknown if she was receiving any more voicebanks.[4] On March 22, it was reported that Shan Xin already began recording for the update.[5]

On July 1, it was announced that her V4 design would be showcased at Firefly ACG Festival.[6] On July 14, a cutout of her V4 design was shown, but SHN claimed it was a possible design and a draft. Due to the Chinese fans' concerns towards the design, SHN noted that they may adjust it in the future.[7][8] It was later confirmed that her whole design would be changed.[9]

The design was shown in a promotional poster for Tianyi's appearance at the bilibili Macro Link concert in 2016. According to the Weibo post, Tianyi would be performing at the concert using her initial V4 design.[10] During the concert on July 23, two songs utilized her V4 voicebanks while "66CCFF" used her V3 voicebank and outfit. One of the songs was a brand new song which was later revealed to be named "Yè Wǔ".[11] According to a conversation between Renxingtu, a voicebank developer from SHN, and Weitu, an artist from the Chinese fandom, "Yè Wǔ" was using Tianyi's "Power" voicebank.[12] The other song was "Xīn de Liánjiē Connect" and used her V4 voicebank, but it was not specified whether this is her Power voicebank or something else. Atunemic, the producer of this song, noted that the sound quality in her V4 update was improved.[13]


On June 17, 2017, Tianyi's V4 voicebanks were used at the Vsinger Live concert and introduced the existence of a Japanese voicebank for her. On June 19, the boxarts for both languages were revealed. Each boxart featured Tianyi in different designs, both drawn by -TID-.[14]

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夜舞 (Yè Wǔ) (Power voicebank) Kugou



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