Mèng de Qī Cìfāng (梦的七次方 The Seventh Power of Dreams) is Luo Tianyi's 3rd album and consists of 7 songs. The songs were translated from Korean to Chinese. The original album is entitled SV01 SeeU's Compilation Album.

It was available on Taobao for a limited amount of time and is now sold out.

Cd cover3
Released December 24, 2012
Producer Various
Price ¥59 ($10)
Illust. MOTH
Track list
1. 各自的战斗
Gèzì de Xhàndòu / Individual Battle
Agui feat. Luo Tianyi
2. Arirang
GaGain feat. Luo Tianyi
3. Alone
kimpaksa feat. Luo Tianyi
4. Burn
Dr. Yun feat. Luo Tianyi
5. Connection
seibin feat. Luo Tianyi
6. See u Tomorrow
Tan N Sonny feat. Luo Tianyi
7. 梅花
Méihuā / Plum Blossom
Indigo Aria feat. Luo Tianyi
Cd cover4
Xīng (星)

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