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Miku Pack was an offical magazine featuring art and music involving Hatsune Miku, as well as other Crypton products.


It features the official work from Ascii Media Works as well as a summary of some of the recent Miku centred events.


MIKU-Pack 00Edit


Miku Pack 00

It was announced on the 27th November 2012, and was released on the of 10 December 2012. The magazine contains songs by producers and groups such as OSTER project as well as artwork such as those by hatsuko. It also contains a review of the 39's Caravan event as well as information on the Super GT event.[1]

MIKU-Pack 01Edit

Mikupack01 20130312 01

Miku Pack 01

MIKU-Pack 02Edit


Miku Pack 02

MIKU-Pack 03Edit


Miku Pack 03

MIKU-Pack 04Edit


Miku Pack 04

MIKU-Pack 05Edit


Miku Pack 05

MIKU-Pack 06Edit


Miku Pack 06

MIKU-Pack 07Edit

61LHPdg76tL. SL500 AA300

Miku Pack 07

MIKU-Pack 08Edit

61ULuFzko3L. SL500 AA300

Miku Pack 08


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