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  • "Machine In Love"
Uploaded February 26, 2010, with 2,600+ YouTube views


"Machine In Love" is an original SeriousMF featuring Sweet ANN.


Did you ever want to fell in love with me?
The possibility of a machine in love with a human.
Have You Ever Wish Upon a star so bright?
In the dead of the night, I'm a machine in love.

Isn't it a shame that you don't care if I momentarily cry.
Because you're so in love with human.
I know you can make my dreams complete so please, if I'm not obsolete.
Just a machine in love

I could never be the girl for you, it's true tell me what do you do.
What's a machine in love with a human.
Maybe a computer's not so smart
My hearts broken falling apart
I'm a machine in love with you.