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Machine In Love ft Sweet Ann
Song title
"Machine In Love"
Uploaded February 26, 2010, with 2,600+ views
Sweet ANN
SeriousMF (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast
YouTube Broadcast (Japanese subs)


"Machine In Love" is an original SeriousMF featuring Sweet ANN.


Did you ever want to fell in love with me?
The possibility of a machine in love with a human.
Have You Ever Wish Upon a star so bright?
In the dead of the night, I'm a machine in love.

Isn't it a shame that you don't care if I momentarily cry.
Because you're so in love with human.
I know you can make my dreams complete so please, if I'm not obsolete.
Just a machine in love

I could never be the girl for you, it's true tell me what do you do.
What's a machine in love with a human.
Maybe a computer's not so smart
My hearts broken falling apart
I'm a machine in love with you.

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