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Macne Nana VOCALOID3 Plus MACNE series

Macne Nana (マクネナナ/Mac音ナナ) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed by Bplats, Inc., under YAMAHA Corporation, and was created in collaboration with the Macne Nana Project (MI7 Japan Inc.). She was released in January 2014 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Her voice is provided by the Japanese female voice actress and actress, Haruna Ikezawa (池澤春菜, Ikezawa Haruna).

In March 2016, she was confirmed to receive an update to the VOCALOID4 engine.[2]

She is the first of the Macne Series to be a part of the VOCALOID software.


Nana was designed to be the first voice on the Mac OS. She was inspired by the success of Hatsune Miku. She was released in two forms originally as "Macne Nana" and "Macne Nana Petit", Nana Petit of which was a miniature version of herself in terms of both a character and a vocal. However, time the concept was divided and "Macne Nana Petit" became her own character completely separate from Nana entirely as "Macne Petit". Nana herself is considered the main character of the Macne series and remains the most focused character within the series. She is described as a bright and cheerful girl who can be a bit of a klutz. She is accident prone and is often late for work, but always looks on the bright side of life. She and her sisters run the "Macne Cafe" (Mac音カフェ).[3]

Like other VOCALOIDs, Nana's age and height are known, but Nana is also the first to give out her 3 sizes (B87 W57 H87), which is common amongst the Macne family females.


Macne is a combination of the word "Mac", referring to the Macintosh related products, and Ne (音), that means "sound", so, her name means "Mac Sound". 

In early developments, she has the codename of "Macne Miku" (Mac音ミク(マクネミク)). "Miku" was dropped in favor of the "Nana" name when the project became serious. "Nana" came from Haruna Ikezawa's own nickname of "Nana".


Her first design was mainly inspired by Hatsune Miku. The design of the Macne series in general incorporate various aspects of the Mac computer and its physical appearance, such as USB ports and disk drives or portable devices such as the iPod. While the 2S design has been said to be "princess" themed.


Music featuring Macne NanaEdit

  • Macne Nana is featured in 21 songs and 4 albums on this wiki.
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  • There are listings for notable, original, and cover songs.

Examples of usage

Romaji/English Ryuu no Se ni Notte (Riding on the Back of a Dragon)
Featuring Macne Nana
Author(s) Ginsuke
Category Original Song
Walk Together
Featuring Macne Nana
Author(s) Kyattorotto Mi☆
Category Original Song
Featuring Macne Nana
Author(s) Odd Sun
Category Original Song
Romaji/English Ameiro Lolipop
Featuring Macne Nana
Author(s) あえる
Category Original Song
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Additional InformationEdit


Macne Nana was originally developed as the "Sound Princess for the Mac" and had much marketing prior to being considered for VOCALOID™. This included merchandise for her, such as a keyboard with her image printed on it and a G3 iPhone.[4]

iOS appsEdit


App icon for "Macne Percussion"

A Macne Percussion app for the iPad2 and iPad3 was released. Another app called "Mac音Clock" was also released for Macne Nana.


Launched in 2009, a booklet called "Makunebon" ("マクネボン") was released. Further two volumes were released in 2010 and 2011.[5]

Social MediaEdit

Nana has an official Twitter account.


  • She is the first vocal in the "Macne" series to receive a voicebank for VOCALOID™, as well as the first vocal to have an UTAU vocal (for her 2S release) and a VOCALOID vocal.
  • 7 can be pronounced as "Nana" in Japanese; this is why the number sometimes appear on her designs.


Macne Nana's character status

While she was not as popular for her intended software, Garageband, Macne Nana was fairly popular with UTAU users. The vocal samples that made up the Macne series presented a "VOCALOID-like" quality to which was often absent from many other UTAU vocals, though they still were limited to the quality of the UTAU engine restrictions.


The overall success for the original Macne Nana/Macne Nana Petite product led to further Macnes being produced. The concept of the Macnes being a family unit proved popular with their fans and it was carried on with all further releases.

  • First product originally built for another engine to become part of VOCALOID™.
  • First character of the Macne Series to receive an English VOCALOID3 voicebank.
  • Only vocal supported for different engines (Garageband / Reason4 / UTAU / VOCALOID)
  • First English voicebank developed by Bplats, Inc.


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