For the game, see Hatsune Miku Project mirai (series).

The Magical Mirai (マジカルミライ), conjectural name, is a band that plays during live concert events featuring VOCALOID vocalists from the company Crypton Future Media, Inc..[1]


Magical Mirai is an event that takes place around the time of Mikus Birthday. The event has a few of the biggest Miku concerts of the year, along with a live band.

A number of related items are often sold in conjunction with the event, including posters and CDs.

Band line-ups Edit

Magical Mirai 2013Edit

[60fps] Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2013 - Band introductions (Eng subbed)

Ryo Eguchi completely rearranged quite a few of the songs used in this concert.

  • Eguchi Ryo (江口 亮): Sound producer, Live arranger
  • Katsuhito Igarashi (五十嵐勝人 (Katsun)) : Guitar
  • Kido Hiroshi (城戸紘志 (Kitto)) : Drums
  • Noma Kosuke (野間 康介 (nomari)) : Keyboards
  • PABLO : Guitar
  • Takama Yuichi (高間 有一 (Takamakuu)) : Bass guitar
  • Uchimura Tomomi (内村友美 (Uti)) : Chorus, Percussion

Magical Mirai 2014Edit

MM2014 Band

From left to right: Kara Kurose, Kensuke Ito, Tsuguhito Konno, Takahiro Misawa

They performed the songs closer to how the original versions were played.

  • Suzuki Kei (鈴木啓) : Sound producer from MKP39
  • Kensuke Ito (伊東 賢佑) : Drums
  • Kurose Kara (黒瀬香菜) : Keyboards
  • Takahiro Misawa (三沢 崇篤) : Guitar
  • Tsuguhito Konno (金野 倫仁) : Bass

Magical Mirai 2015Edit

MM2015 Band

From left to right: Takahiro Misawa, Tsuguhito Konno, Kensuke Ito, Masaru Terame, MEG.ME

  • Suzuki Kei (鈴木啓) : Sound producer (returned)
  • Kensuke Ito (伊東 賢佑) : Drums (returned)
  • Teramae Masaru (寺前 甲): Guitar from MKP39
  • MEG.ME : Keyboards from MKP39
  • Takahiro Misawa (三沢 崇篤) : Guitar (returned)
  • Tsuguhito Konno (金野 倫仁) : Bass (returned)


Magical Mirai 2016 Edit

MM2016 Band1

From left to right: Masaru Teramae, MEG.ME, Takahiro Misawa, Tetsuyuki, Tsuguhito Konno

  • Suzuki Kei (鈴木啓) : Sound producer
  • Tetsuyuki (哲之 ) : Drums (From MKP39)
  • Teramae Masaru (寺前 甲) : Guitar (returned)
  • MEG.ME : Keyboards (returned)
  • Takahiro Misawa (三沢 崇篤) : Guitar (returned)
  • Tsuguhito Konno (金野 倫仁) : Bass (returned)



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