The Maid Star cast byHiroTamura
Series title
Maid Star series ( メイドの星からシリーズ Meido no hoshi kara shirīzu)
Uploaded Mar.10.2010
Singer(s): Kagamine Rin
composed by Katahotori-P and Illustrated by Hiro Tamura


The Maid Star Series talks about a little star at the other side of the galaxy which is inhabited uniquely by maids. After receiving the visit of the Maid Princess of that star (this role is played by Rin), the protagonist is dragged in a series of situations with the maids of lil' star.

Based on the concept of the Meido (japanization of the word 'Maid') this series has a soft degree of fanservice, aiming mainly to the cute, moe and hilarious situations.

Hiro Tamura also published a doujinshi and an artbook related to this series.[1][2]


メイドの星からS・O・S (Maid no Hoshi kara S・O・S)

Uploaded March 10, 2010 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music Katahotori-P Main article メイドの星からS・O・S (Maid no Hoshi kara S・O・S)
Video Hiro Tamura
This song was included into the project Diva games.

メイドの星からランデブー (Maid no Hoshi kara Rendezvous)

Uploaded December 28, 2011 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music Katahotori-P
Video Hiro Tamura

Additional informationEdit

Character profilesEdit

The Princess MaidEdit


Age: 14 / Height: 152cm / Bust: 77cm / Waist: 59cm / Hips: 78cm / Voiced by: Kagamine Rin

The Nurse MaidEdit

Miku maid

Age: 16 / Height: 158cm / Bust: 80cm / Waist: 60cm / Hips: 81cm / Voiced by: Hatsune Miku

The Lady MaidEdit

Luka maid

Age: 20 / Height: 162cm / Bust: 88cm / Waist: 56cm / Hips: 85cm / Voiced by: Megurine Luka

The (Sexy) Big-sis MaidEdit


Age: 16 / Height: 166cm / Bust: 85cm / Waist: 59cm / Hips: 86cm / Voiced by: MEIKO

The Gal MaidEdit

Gumi maid

Age: 18 / Height: 158cm / Bust: 82cm / Waist: 60cm / Hips: 84cm / Voiced by: GUMI

The Cat-eared MaidEdit

Miki maid

Age: 15/ Height: 152cm / Bust: 75cm / Waist: 57cm / Hips: 74cm / Voiced by: SF-A2 miki

Loli MaidEdit

Yuki maid

Age: 9 / Height: 158cm/ Bust: 40cm/ Waist: 54cm/ Hips: 88cm / Voiced by: Kaai Yuki

(Lil' sister), Loli MaidEdit


Age: 7 / Height: 122cm / Bust: ? / Waist: ? / Hips: ? / Voiced by: Kagamine Rin

The Tsundere MaidEdit


Age: 17 / Height: 168cm / Bust: 75cm / Waist: 58cm / Hips: 78cm / Played by: Akita Neru

The Foreteller MaidEdit


Age: 24 / Height:163cm / Bust: 83cm / Waist: 55cm / Hips: 82cm / Played by: Yowane Haku

The (school) Swimsuit MaidEdit


Age: 15 / Height: 159cm / Bust: 73cm / Waist: 54cm / Hips: 88cm / Voiced by: Kasane Teto


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