Image of "Mama, let me speak !"
Song title
  • "Mama, let me speak !"
Uploaded October 6, 2015, with 110+ YouTube views
  • Sora Kitanozaka


Mama, let me speak!

I have reason too.

— Author's comment

The song is about the young Kaito whos out playing and pretending he's a great hero, but ends up falling into a puddle. When his mother scolds him, he asks her to calm down and let him tell her of his adventure.


Mama, please calm down and don't scold me.
Mama, as you know I'm adventurer.
Now time is coming, Let me speak!
Mama, my great heroic episode.

I will save the world on my honor.
I challenge to battle with the bad monster.
jump to get the cup as proof of my conquer
I fell to the pound and turned upside down

Mama, how do you feel about my episode.
Mama, you son is great adventurer.
Mama, but I don't forget gentle heart.
I'll give
my special thanks with love.

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