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Song title
Uploaded March 10, 2010, with 23,012+ (NND) views
Megurine Luka (as "Megurine Luki")
Niconico Broadcast (short version)
piapro Broadcast (short version)



Short versionEdit

"MarImo" is one of Giga-P's first original VOCALOID works. He claims it was an experiment. The song features a genderbend of Megurine Luka, Megurine Ruki (Luki), whose voice parameters are set at GEN=100, PIT=-4097, PBS=24.

In the song, the singer praises marimo (Aegagropila linnaei), a rare form of algae that grows in green, velvety balls. The singer even claims that marimo gives him an erection, which is unsurprising, considering that Giga-P is known for including sexual themes in his songs.

Super Full versionEdit

The Super Full version of "MarImo" was released on July 24, 2013 on Giga-P and Orebanana's album Gigabanana the Best ~USUSHIO Aji~. This version of the song is longer and Luka's vocals are different; although still down-pitched, they sound less dry and more nasal. A cover by Soraru is featured on Gigabanana the Best ~USUSHIO Aji~'s utaite counterpart album, Gigabanana The Best ~NORISHIO Aji~.


The following are the lyrics to the short version of the song.

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
まりまりもまりもまりまりまりまりも mari-marimo marimo mari-mari-mari-marimo
ah-ちゅちゅちゅちゅちゅちゅちゅちゅ まりまりも ah- chuchuchuchuchuchuchu mari-marimo
どうしてまりもまりも ah-なぜなのよまりも もっこり doushite marimo marimo ah- naze na no yo marimo mokkori

チシママリモ、フトヒメマリモマリモ chishima marimo, futohime marimo marimo
カラフトマリモ、ah-フジマリモ karafuta marimo, ah- fuji marimo
いっぱりあるよあるよねまりも ippari aru yo aru yo ne marimo
ah-LoveLove大好きah-まりも☆ ah- LoveLove daisuki ah- marimo☆
丸くてプリティー marukute puritii
(特別)天然記念物だしね (tokubetsu) tennenkinenbutsu da shi ne

やっぱり一番ステキなのは… yappari ichiban suteki na no wa…
まりもっこり(ノ・∀・)ノ=● mari mokkori (ノ・∀・)ノ=●

MARIMO is beautiful MARIMO is beautiful
MARIMO is wonderful MARIMO is wonderful
MARIMO is very very very very Excellent!! MARIMO is very very very very Excellent!!
やばい驚愕の丸み 食べてしまいたくなるわ yabai kyougaku no marumi tabeteshimaitakunaru wa
MARIMO is beautiful MARIMO is beautiful
MARIMO is wonderful MARIMO is wonderful
MARIMO is very very very very Fantastick!! MARIMO is very very very very Fantastick!!
あなたに出会えたのは 奇跡という名の anata ni deaeta no wa kiseki to iu na no
まりもっこり(ノ・∀・)ノ=● mari mokkori (ノ・∀・)ノ=●


Tekunin's Cover
Featuring Tekunin
Category Human cover
72's Rap Cover
Featuring 72
Category Human cover
Camui Gackpo's Cover
Featuring Camui Gackpo
Author(s) mue
Category VOCALOID cover


MarImo crossfade
"MarImo" still from Gigabanana the Best ~USUSHIO Aji~, depicting Megurine Luki and Soraru

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