For the Mew song produced by Suneo ♂, see マリア (Maria).
Maria-P is a VOCALOID producer who uses various VOCALOIDs primarily using them to sing covers of "Ave Maria".
STATUS:November 2007 → April 2012
Maria Producer
URL(s)Channel: Youtube Nico Nico
PLAYLIST(s):(Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Ave Maria (Arukaderuto)" (Miku) (Nov.16.2007)
  2. "Ave Maria (Tosti)" (Miku) (Nov.21.2007)
  3. "Ave Maria (Caccini) (Miku) (Nov.23.2007)
  4. "Ave Maria (Saint-Saёns)" (Miku) (Nov.27.2007)
  5. "Ave Maria (Guonod / Bach)" (Miku) (Nov.30.2007)
  6. "Ave Maria (Schubert)" (Miku) (Dec.10.2007)
  7. "Ave Varmland Corpus" (Miku) (Dec.15.2007)
  8. "Ave Maria (Christmas Summarize)" (Miku) (Dec.24.2007)
  9. "Ave Maria (Arukaderuto V2)" (Miku) (Dec.24.2007)
  10. "Ave Maria (Arukaderuto V2.1)" (Miku, Rin) (Dec.27.2007)
  11. "Ave Maria (Arukaderuto V2.2)" (Rin & Len) (Dec.27.2007)
  12. "Ave Maria (Victoria)" (Miku, Rin & Len) (Jan.04.2008)
  13. "Ave Maria (Bruckner)" (Len) (Jan.13.2008)
  14. "Free Planet Alliance Anthem (Short Ver.)" (Miku) (Jan.15.2008)
  15. "Ave Maria (Bruckner V1.1)" (Miku) (Jan.19.2008)
  16. "Ave Maria (Saint-Saens V2)" (Miku) (Jan.21.2008)
  17. "Ave Maria (Victoria V2) (Miku) (Jan.28.2008)
  18. "Ave Maria (Bizet)" (Miku) (Feb.11.2008)
  19. "Ave Maria (Gounod / Bach)" (Miku) (Feb.17.2008)
  20. "Ave Varmland Corpus (Mozart V2) (Miku) (Mar.08.2008)
  21. "Ave Varnland Corpus (Mozart V2.1)" (Miku) (Mar.08.2008)
  22. "Ave Maria (Victoria)" (Miku, Rin & Len) (May.25.2008)
  23. "Ave Maria (Josquin des Pres V2.1) (Miku) (Jun.23.2008)
  24. "Ave Maria (Josquin des Pres V1.2) (July.04.2008)
  25. "Ave Maria (Caccini)" (Gackpo) (Aug.03.2008)
  26. "Ave Maria (Gounod)" (Gackpo) (Aug.06.2008)
  27. "Ave Maria (Gregorian Chant) in Trance" (Gackpo) (Nov.01.2008)
  28. "Reverie (Debussy)" (Miku) (Nov.16.2008)
  29. "Reverie (Debussy)" (Rin) (Dec.06.2008)
  30. "Reverie (Debussy)" (Luka) (Jan.30.2009)
  31. "Ave Maria (Josquin Des Prez)" (Luka) (Jan.31.2009)
  32. "Ave Maria (Gounod)" (Feb.01.2009)
  33. "Gloria in excelsis Deo" (Feb.14.2009)
  34. "Ave Maria (Victoria)" (GUMI) (Jun.29.2009)
  35. "Ave Maris Stella (DuFay)" (GUMI) (Jun.28.2011)
  36. "Ave Maris Stella (DuFay)" (IA) (Jan.31.2012)
  37. "Kyrie (Gregorian Chant)" (IA, Yukari) (Feb.25.2012)
  38. "Ave Maria (Arcadelt, F.List)" (IA, Luka, Yukari) (Mar.10.2012)
  39. "Ave Maris Stella (DuFay)" (Lapis) (Apr.11.2012)
  40. "Ave Maris Stella" (Mew) (Apr.16.2012)

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