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Song title
"Maybe Not"
Uploaded November 10, 2014, with 214+(YT) & 155+(NN) views
GUMI English
Kazuko (music, lyrics, illustration)
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This song is a continuation to "Maybe".


Although I still feel blessed
Perhaps it is for the best
So for now, just let me rest
A little more

Although it does still hurt me
That it was not meant to be
At least now I can see
Out this door

But why take it so far?
Why not tell me from the start?
It's not fair to my heart

Even so I wish you the best
As you venture your quest
But this pain in my chest -

Will it go?
Maybe yes, maybe no

Although you were nice
The time alone will suffice
I'm willing to sacrifice
My own hopes

Although I've yet to cry
It all still hurts inside
As I can't help but think why
It's hard to cope

♫ ♫

So why take it so far?
Why not tell me from the start?
It's unfair to my heart

The time you made for me
It's starting to be bleary
"Are we meant to be?"

I have thought
Maybe yes, maybe not

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