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MAYU is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by EXIT TUNES, and was released in December 2012 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Her voice provider has never been revealed.

EXIT TUNES had released several VOCALOID related CDs and albums for Crypton Future Media, INTERNET, and 1st PLACE VOCALOIDs.


Her birthday is on May 6.[2]

She is based on a yandere junior high school student.


Currently, there has been no official word explaining the name "MAYU."


MAYU's design is based on lolita fashion. Her hair itself fades from a light blonde to rainbow, and she is depicted with a hat that has a speaker attached. Her earrings appear to be styled like in-ear headphones that hook over the ear. The buttons on her dress are amplifier buttons/knobs, while the bottom of her dress has a keyboard pattern. Her shoes also have neon-lighting.

According to VOCALOID NET, she is supposed to be a junior high school age student.[3]

She holds an axe, which is to show her yandere influence. She also holds a rabbit doll which has a microphone at the top of its head. When she holds it up to sing, she grabs it by the neck, as if she were strangling it. The rabbit is named Usano Mimi (宇佐乃ミミ). The name translates to "bunny's ears." It was first introduced as an April Fools' Day 2012 joke as a parody of the Crypton Future Media Character Vocal series website. There, it was listed as a new line of VOCALOIDs called "Animaloid."[4]

Music featuring MAYUEdit

Examples of usage

Romaji/English Horumarin no Umi (I'm Dying to Kiss You. / Sea of Formalin)
Featuring MAYU
Author(s) natsu-P
Category Original Song
Romaji/English Mr.Deja-vu
Featuring MAYU
Author(s) 164
Category Original Song
Romaji/English Maji de Oko da yo? Atashi Machigattenai (Are you Really Mad? I'm not Mistaken)
Featuring MAYU
Author(s) Utata-P
Category Original Song
Love Logic
Featuring MAYU
Author(s) DaniwellP
Category Original Song
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Additional informationEdit



MAYU has a standard usage "terms of use." Individuals and doujin circles can, without prior approval from EXIT TUNES, freely use the name MAYU, illustrations based on the character design, and her voice created through the software, as long as distribution is limited in scope or is one of the “noted distribution methods," regardless of whether money changes hands in doing so. Furthermore, commercial entities can freely use the voice without prior approval from EXIT TUNES. However, the official logo and illustration is not included in this license.[5]


A dress based on MAYU's outfit has been produced by Coslook, from which an Usano Mimi stuffed animal has also been made.


As part of her promotion, EXIT TUNES released MAYU as a special package, which features her VOCALOID3 voicebank and a Special 2-disc CD. This bundle also comes with a MAYU cellphone strap and mouse pad, though note that these items are limited stock.[6] MAYU also has several pieces of merchandise based on her.[7]


MAYU's character status

Due to early announcement, MAYU started to gain popularity several months before her release.

In Japan, due to EXIT TUNES' effort, she received much attention. MAYU songs appeared in the Weekly VOCALOID Ranking seven weeks before her release. By the release date, her most popular song had earned 330,000 views on NicoNicoDouga, and had hit the #1 position in the Ranking (but only for one week). By that date, she had six songs with 50,000-150,000 views, and seven songs with 10,000-50,000 views. However, despite her heavy promotion, this result was not spectacular. Moreover, some of her promotional songs reached a lower number of views despite having been created by famous producers. These producers had experienced much more success in the past with other songs featuring different Vocaloids.

In addition, Exit Tunes normally produce the most successful of the albums ever released featuring Vocaloids, with popular Vocaloids such as Hatsune Miku, Gumi and IA featured. MAYU being owned by Exit Tunes themselves, has maintained a presence on the albums since her introduction. However, this does not mean that the songs using her voice within those albums are as popular as those featuring different Vocaloids.

The result has been a mixed reaction, and it is unclear how it impacted her popularity. Overall, it is difficult to tell how much popularity/success she has had over the course of her existence.


In February 2014, Vocaloid Otaku user "Dessert>desert" decided to run a test to see how many illegal Vocaloid downloads had been made via torrent. At 11,404, Mayu was the second highest download, beaten by 12,434 illegal downloads for the VY2v3 package.[8]

  • First female VOCALOID from EXIT TUNES
  • First Yandere influenced VOCALOID
  • First lolita-styled VOCALOID


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