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Song title
  • "Me and My Friend Unicorn"
Uploaded September 3, 2011, with 35,000+ YouTube views
  • apol (music, lyrics)
  • Yume (illustration)

Background Edit

Unicorns.. they have a horn.. yes, they are horny -shot-
— apol
"Me and My Friend Unicorn" is a short song by apol featuring Megurine Luka. A person sings about their friend who is a unicorn, and when its horn is touched it apparently gets aroused. It is the producer's first original song.

Lyrics Edit

i saw a unicorn last night
I touched his horn and he went wild
then I tried to calm him down
and he said he wants to fly
i'll take you to the sky
where both of us will fly
I'll keep touching your horn my friend unicorn

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